SDHCのライダートッポ! 雨の日でも関係なくスケートを楽しめる!そんな事を思わせてくれるビデオを頂きました。きっと雨の日の見方が変わるかもしれません!

[Set Up]
Comet Archetype – Caliber44/Blood Orange Bushing – Orangatang Balut

Takahiro Yamada Rainy Skate-3 Takahiro Yamada Rainy Skate-2

雨助 -RAINY SKATE w/  Takahiro Yamada

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Dan Pape raced Danger Bay 1 to 10, organized Team Colabo, Co-Produced/Directed&Co-Edited The Fellowship of the Bearing then Co-Founded Skate[Slate] in 2010.

Launched in 2013, Skate[Slate] Japan is his most recent project. Check it out at

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