Loaded SuperHill Jam 2014も無事に終わりました。 写真撮影にフリーフード 企画して下さったオリデさん、ファイちゃん、ブラッド、そして全てのボランティアの方々へ本当にありがとうございました!

Special Thanks to Ayumi Oride, Brad Bennett and all the Volunteers

Loaded SkateSlateJapan 2-15 Loaded SkateSlateJapan 2-17 Loaded SkateSlateJapan 2-19 Loaded SkateSlateJapan 2-21 Loaded SkateSlateJapan 2-23 Loaded SkateSlateJapan 2-27 Loaded SkateSlateJapan 2-31 Loaded SkateSlateJapan 2-33  Loaded SkateSlateJapan 2-37 Loaded SkateSlateJapan 2-39 Loaded SkateSlateJapan 2-45 Loaded SkateSlateJapan 2-65 Loaded SkateSlateJapan 2-90 Loaded SkateSlateJapan 2-120 Loaded SkateSlateJapan 2-130







Loaded SkateSlateJapan-7920  Loaded SkateSlateJapan-7946 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-7948 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-7954 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-7956   Loaded SkateSlateJapan-7970  Loaded SkateSlateJapan-7976 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-7977 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-7981 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-7985 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-7986 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-7991  Loaded SkateSlateJapan-7998 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8000 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8001 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8005  Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8009 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8010 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8017 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8019 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8021 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8022 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8025 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8027   Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8031  Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8037 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8043  Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8045  Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8053 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8055 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8056 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8063  Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8065 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8066 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8067 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8068 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8069 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8073  Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8077  Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8080 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8082  Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8091 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8094 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8096 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8108 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8110 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8115   Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8124 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8126    Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8140   Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8145 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8146 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8148     Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8158   Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8164 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8171 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8172 Loaded SkateSlateJapan-8178

Loaded Boards Japan SuperHill Jam 2014

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Dan Pape raced Danger Bay 1 to 10, organized Team Colabo, Co-Produced/Directed&Co-Edited The Fellowship of the Bearing then Co-Founded Skate[Slate] in 2010.

Launched in 2013, Skate[Slate] Japan is his most recent project. Check it out at SkateSlate.jp

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