The last time I wrote an all English report on SkateSlateJapan was when we had an important message to get out.   It was my last attempt at being a devoted helmet cop before I gave the job up.  Having spent many years touting the importance of helmets I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it one last go.  It ended up being one our most popular articles.  I’m not stoked because I wrote it, I’m excited to see what the next gen riders are going to do with the knowledge they’ve learned.  The Article is mentioned as you read on.  Hills increase Impact. That’s all.

For our very first full out English report we’re going to give you a little tour around SkateSlateJapan.  Starting next month we’ll do a monthly wrap up in English to properly enlighten people on the rad scene here. A whole lot of effort and teamwork was put into translating Skate[Slate] Magazine Articles.  And well, the videos, hopefully no dialogue is needed to tell the story.  Below is a list of links with a brief description to let you know what’s up.  Year one has been great.

Video and Article Throwback Tour.  Here are some of our favorites.

DSC03285The very first time I skated in Shizuoka I fell for it. At that time it was just about finding skaters that enjoyed doing the same style of skating you like.  SkateSlateJapan wasn’t even an idea but I brought a big camera anyhow.  The thing is events were popping up more often and sessions were being organized regularly.   The energy is building in Japan and I’m attracted to growth and ground floor initiatives. This video was shot on Panasonic HVX200.   A week before my skate vacation with the Wired Crew, I went to the devastated region of Japan for the 2 year memorial of the 311 Tsumami.  Still with no distinct plan as to where the footage would be used I did my best to caption some gold.  There is a still a ton of raw video that has never seen the cutting floor. This video is some of the skating that went down. SkateSlate Japan Innaugural Video – Edit by Dave Angelski

Get out and Skate Main Small Camera and Edit by Dan Pape of SkateSlateJapan (14 of 1)Mountain Camping and Hiking are a big part of Japan’s thriving DH Scene.  The two often go well with each other.  More and more riders here are learning the advantages.  This video was a quick snapshot of some of the skating that went down.  And yes,  Kebbek Rider Amane Kishida murders it every time. Get Out and Skate SkateSlateJapan Vol.2

Note:  When you visit this link, you’ll also be introduced to many other links geared towards a sustainable future for DH Skateboarders In Japan.

Funwaves Super Hill Slide Jam 2014 Photo by Dan Pape SkatesSlateJapan-4

This is Japan’s biggest Slide Contest.  In this article, there’s a little bit of info that is interesting to know. Superhill Slide Jam English and Japanese Reports

S9 Helmets Hard EPS Foam-2Despite the recommendation to not publish this article, we did anyways. Riders are keen to this type of skateboarding so it couldnt hurt to spit some knowledge on the “impact” of not using your brain before dropping in on steep grades.Helmet Truth English and Japanese

スクリーンショット 2014-12-24 0.17.25This Run is so long that is gets a tad boring, actually.  I’ve included it because the view is beautiful.  Not Nori’s ass, the mountain range behind him.   Big Mountain bombers will appreciate this leg burner.Nori Tamura Raw Extended Raw Run – Warning, Very Long, but nice

SkateSlateJapan Yuji Fujiyama Photo Rider Dan PapeA spontaneous skate/photo/film session turned one of our best sessions.  Yuji did the honors and whipped up a little video of the day.  Okutama Japan is also rumored to be the place for Loaded Japan’s inaugural DH Sessions [Video Link to Drone Video Coming Soon].  We couldn’t be more excited for the support.  The sooner the better is the mantra we are going with. West West Tokyo Morning DH – Edit by Kebbek’s Yuji Fujiyama

SKATE[SLATE] Japan ✖︎ ISAW Japan “Longboarding Short Clip. Rider View”Takuma’s Wired Crew has been exploring runs all over place for quite some time.  Last year SKS Japan introduced this influential member of the community to Landyachtz Longboards and he was amped to get some new gear.  Shortly after this he teamed up with Isaw and his regular POV videos sure helped us grasp and legitimize that we are here for good.  He’s made a bunch of videos so I have no idea where to start.  But hopefully this quick vid will show you what some of the runs are like here.Yoshinori Takuma Isaw Videos

Yoshi Soma on Arbiter DKThere’s so many great riders coming out of Japan. SDHC Yoshi gets the link because he’s a great well rounded skater, makes good videos and continues to excite riders around him.  Check out this video he whipped up with Toppo Yamada.

Toppo's Virtual Longskate School“Toppo” might be Japan’s best rider.  Recently he graduated from University and has put his focus on what some skateboarders call a career.  Prior to this he was absolutely killing it with his Virtual Skate School Videos and constant media curating.  I’ve skated with Takahiro before. He’s fast, stylish and confident in his abilities.   We are so appreciative having him as a member of the community and look forward to his return to hyping the scene.

SkateSlate Best of 2014

SkateSlateJapan Best of 2014 Winding down this article with some of the highlights  and most viewed articles of 2014. Many of these may have been missed by Non-Japanese speakers…..errr….readers.

As a little bonus, below are some of the Facebook Videos that may or may have not gone viral. Enjoy!  Check back next month as we do regular monthly reports.

[Facebook Vids]

While we were the most fantastic event in Japan, the discreet RIDERS MEETING , super fast ripper Tamura throws his Isaw on backyards for this Facebook Video.  The Last Man standing was not me and this is when I realized Japan is catching up quick!

Super Star Comedian Daisuke Miyagawa Hops On a Luge.  Amazing exposure for downhill sports enthusiats! The mega star had fun!


SkateSlateJapan Marvelous Mizuki  Photo Dan Pape11 year old  Rider Mizuki Sakaguchi Is Fantastic!!  Mizuki won the biggest Slide Contest in Japan against some seriously skilled riders.  Forever known as Marvelous Mizuki after this day.

Sector 9 Japan and SKS Japan teamed up earlier this year on The Sun Day Cruise.  This day was all about fun at the beach and the idea was drafted up with the GSM Crew to introduced new riders to trying something fresh.  It was indeed a very fun day.

Kebbek Kishida and SkateSlateJapan X Isaw collaborated on this facebook upload.  The video got some legs and was enjoyed by many.

Team F-Dub has sessions all the time.  But when Osaka Rider Kohey Inoue moved to Tokyo, we got inspired to whip up a little edit in honor of his relocation.

SkateSlateJapan Yuji Fujiyama Photo Rider Dan PapeTamura on the Start Line – Whistler Longboard Festival

Nori and I travelled to the Whistler Longboard Festival in the Summer of 2014.  While we were there, we asked Josh Evans to throw on our Isaw camera for a Run.  Little did we know he would do a run with some of DH Skateboarding’s world famous riders.  (Jackson Shapiera, Byron Essert, Tony Graves, Brendan Davidson, Andrew Chapman).  Peep Chapman’s insane steez!

The list of things the SKS Japan Crew is up to here is endless.  Above is a super quick review of the past year.  We are crazy with excitement with the scene that is unfolding.  Check out the last Skate[Slate] Magazine that was dropped for Yuji’s Camping and Coffee.   In a country where social media takes a back seat to grass roots sessions, it’s a surprise to us to see Likes on our facebook page steadily increasing every week.  A lot of incredible things are “SLATEd” for this up coming year.  We welcome collaborations and invite riders to be a part of the growth.  It’s a time when we write our own stories and we’re always accepting new people to come and visit.

Check out this Article [coming soon]. Adam and Lotfi’s visited Japan recently.  Good times for sure.

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