The long awaited K-rimes and Byron Essert’s Promodel Decks are here! Well, almost here…

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We were able to get our hands on the Kevin “K-rimes” Reimer’s Promodel and Byron Essert’s deck from Powell Peralta to test out. This is only the beta version which means that this limited run of these decks are prototypes for the public to try out and to give feed back on how they feel about the board. These are NOT the production boards.

We won’t be sharing specific specs because the production models might be different from what these betas currently are. But here are some pictures to spread the hype around!

First is Kevin’s Promodel Deck.

SkateSlateJapan Powell Peralta Downhill Skateboards-5-2The model we were able to get our hands on is the Carbon version of Kevin’s board. On SkateOne’s site, you were able to purchase a carbon or a full wood version of the board so for the production models, so perhaps there will be two different options as well.

SkateSlateJapan Powell Peralta Downhill Skateboards-4-2The shape is heavily inspired by his older promodel that he designed from Rayne, the Killswitch, however when stepping on the board the concave felt very toned down from his previous board. There is a subtle W-concave with microdrops in the front and in the back.

SkateSlateJapan Powell Peralta Downhill Skateboards-3-2As you can tell, the nose and the tail have urethane for impact resistance and durability. The two colors seem inspired by the color of These Wheels cores.

SkateSlateJapan Powell Peralta Downhill Skateboards-2-2The carbon strip running along the middle makes the board extra sturdy and also very light weight. The wheelbase is non-adjustable on these boards and set to Kevin’s preferences. That may change.

Now here is Byron’s Promodel Deck.

If you have known Byron or seen him in his older videos, you may have seen him riding boards like the Sector 9 Daisy or the Comet Ethos boards before his sponsorship with Powell Peralta. He seems to prefer a board with a longer wheel base and of course he needed a kick-tail to blast airs and pop olllies.

SkateSlateJapan Powell Peralta Downhill Skateboards-6This particular model we were able to get our hands on is Byron’s FULL WOOD version of the deck. We also hope to see the carbon version available when the production model is released.

SkateSlateJapan Powell Peralta Downhill Skateboards-2This deck, similar to Kevin’s, features the urethane railings for impact resistance and durability.

SkateSlateJapan Powell Peralta Downhill Skateboards-4Powell Peralta is not messing around when it comes to kick-tails. This kick-tail, we believe, is one of the best kick-tails in the market right now. It has the perfect angle, perfect width and has some insane pop even though the board is a bit on the heavier side. Popping an ollie or doing a kickflip is very fun on this board.

SkateSlateJapan Powell Peralta Downhill Skateboards-3

The board features micro drops in the front and in the back with multiple wheelbase options. Two different mounting options in the back and three different mounting options in the front.

Well there it is.

The boards are already being spread to the public. Which means that the production models will be out soon.

Stay tuned with us and we’ll share with you any released information to you.

Happy Skating.

SkateSlateJapan Powell Peralta Downhill Skateboards-7

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    DanPape 2015/08/21 at 12:01

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