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他のブレーキテクニックに比べスタイリッシュではないかもしれませんが、スケートを始めるならフットブレーキは大きな助けになるはずです。 練習のコツ:大きな長い坂を、上から下まで全部フットブレーキで降りてみてください。そうすれば体の使い方がわかると思います。街乗りでも山道でも、まずはフットブレーキを習得しましょう!

Over the years footbraking as become less and less popular amongst riders learning how to skate.  Although Loaded Boards made this video years ago it’s still a good idea to revisit the importance of a solid footbrake.  I know, I know, standup slides are so cool and coleman slides are a staple technique but take it from me, footbraking should be at the top of your list of skills.  It may not be as stylish as the other braking techniques, but it will help you out in the when things get sketchy.

Tip:  Try going down a big hill and footbraking the entire length of it.  You’ll quickly notice the muscles that need work.  These leg muscles could save your life. Whether it’s city riding or big mountain roads, get with it and learn your Footbrake.

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