Words by Les Robertson as seen on SkateSlate.com

Translation by Kei Onodera of SkateSlateJapan

数週間前のMax Myersとキャリバー・トラックのクルーによる新しいボード・カンパニー『Prism Skate Co』のニュースをお伝えします! 彼らは、実績のある新しいチームのことを伝えています。

SkateSlate dropped the news a few weeks back about a new board company from Max Myers and the crew over at Caliber Truck Co., Prism Skate Co.! Well they just announced their new team and it’s a serious squad of respected homies.


Prism Skate Co launch at the beginning of June and has been otherwise pretty quiet. The company, jointly owned by Max Myers and Caliber Truck Co, will produce a full line of cruisers and longboards, as well as a line of downhill decks.


Liam Morgan, James Kelly, Jordan Riachi, Cooper Darquea, Quentin Gachot, Jasper Ohlson

彼らはこれから発表されるラインナップの開発やマスタリング、テストライドをしていて、私たちはわくわくせざるをえません。 これから出てくる彼らのフッテージも素晴らしいものになることを、皆さんもご存知でしょう。


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Now the news is out and their team is sick as! Liam Morgan, James Kelly, Jordan Riachi, Cooper Darquea, Quentin Gachot, and Jasper Ohlson will be developing, mastering and shredding the new line up coming and we couldn’t be more stoked. You know the footage coming is going to be epic as well!


Not just a new team, Prism Skate Co is already on the road, stacking clips no doubt and headed to do some shop visits and let riders check out the coming gear and build that stoke! Be sure to check them out if you’re in the area.

Prism Skate Co Announces The Team and Shop Tour

今後、フラットスポット、モーション、ダディーズの3つのショップでスペシャルなハイウェイジャムが今週末に開催されることが発表せれています。バスに乗り込みジェームス、リアム、クーパー、ジョーダンとMeet, Eat & Skate しましょう。

Shop tour dates and locations: We’re sure there will be special events at each of these locations beyond the Meet, Eat and Skate, but for now, Flatspot Longboards in Vancouver, Canada has announced a special Highway Jam this weekend. Get on the bus and take some runs with James, Liam, Cooper and Jordan.


Get details on the Flatspot Highway Jam here.


Be sure to follow Prism on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date!


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