毎年恒例のスーパーヒル・スライドジャムまで、もう2週間を切っています。 このタイミングで去年2015年のイベントのビデオを振り返ろうと思います。


Team F-DubやVulgar Skates、SDHCのおかげでこのビデオを作ることが可能になりました。ありがとうございます! 30日に会いましょう!

Bring your fun!

CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO VIDEO [ This FRIDAY October 21st @7pm (19:00)]

Superhill Slide Jam COLABOration Video

Camera : Hajime Okada, Yoshi Soma, Dan Pape

A Dan Pape ShrEDIT

With under 2 weeks left until the annual Superhill Slide Jam we thought it would be good time to release the 2015 Event Slide Jam Video. This Friday at 7pm, please check SkateSlateJapan Official Facebook Page. Special thanks to Team F-Dub and the volunteers as well as Vulgar Skates and the SDHC for their contributions on making this video possible. See you on the 30th! Bring your fun!

CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO VIDEO [ This FRIDAY October 21st @7pm (19:00)]

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