Paris Truck Co. Presents: Breathe with Lotfi Lamaali



Few things in life make me happier than seeing a good filmmaker paired up with an amazing skater like Lotfi.

 A few years ago I too had the pleasure of working with the extremely talented Lamaali. CHECK IT OUT HERE! So, I guess for me this video brings an extra big smile to my face seeing him pushing not only his tricks, but the quality of  the content as well.  Nice Video Zenzel!  If you come to Japan, hit me up ! 

Freestyle, Dancing and Drones  『Loaded Boards in Japan』

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Filmed and edited by: Zenzel Photography…



Dan Pape raced Danger Bay 1 to 10, organized Team Colabo, Co-Produced/Directed&Co-Edited The Fellowship of the Bearing then Co-Founded Skate[Slate] in 2010.

Launched in 2013, Skate[Slate] Japan is his most recent project. Check it out at

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