Words by Les Robertson of Skate[Slate] [English Below]
Translation by Kei Onodera of SkateSlate Japan



ほとんどのコンテンツがすぐにオンラインにアップされ、安っぽくなり、そこに残りつずける中、 60日間毎日、私たちはその中から印刷するのにふさわしいベストなものを探し、詩的で永続的な歴史のページに閉じ込める。合わせてこの努力は本当にお金がかかります。ブランドの広告主はこの費用を補助してくれますが、私たちの雑誌の定期購読者数は私たちがいかに努力しているかを 教えてくれます。定期購読をしてくれることは、私たちが良い仕事をしていて、ブランドが広告を購入するのとは全く別の私たちがしていることにスケーターたちが心躍らせていることを教えてくれます。私たちはブランドのためではなく、スケーターのためにこれをしています。そして、私たちはあなたの助けが必要です。

もしあなたが私たちがSkateSlateでしていることを評価してくれているなら、インスタやFacebookを楽しんでくれているだけでも、私たちははっきりとあなたにサポートをお願いしたいです。是非、雑誌またはデジタルの購読をすることを考えてみてください。雑誌は1冊$5.99と価格をできるだけ低く抑えてあり、あなたのスマートフォンで見ることができるデジタル版の購読はより安く、年間$9.99(1冊$1.99以下)です。iTunes、Google Play、またはAmazon AppStoreで最新刊を覗いてみてください!





-SkateSlate 編集長



For the past 2 years I have been working with an amazing team at Skate[Slate] to help bring the best stories, photos, and video from around the world of downhill skateboarding and longboarding. It is an awesome journey and I am very lucky and extremely stoked for the opportunity.

We all know digital media, DSLR photos, smart phones, gopro, etc, have brought the cost and availability of content down to almost nothing. Each individual may capture, create and post the best media they can directly to the web – and now we can even do it live. Bringing together a team of talented, experienced professionals, to help create, collect and curate this contemporary cultural record of our shared skate experience, is a monumental task.

While most content goes online quickly and cheaply and remains there indefinitely, every 60 days we look to take the very best of it all to print, locking them in the pages of history more permanently and poetically. Combined, these efforts come at a very real expense. Branded advertisers help cover some of that cost, but subscriptions to our print magazine are really how we make these efforts come together. A subscription tells us we’re doing a good job and that skaters are stoked on what we’re doing very differently from a brand trying to buy some exposure. We do this for skaters, not brands, and we need your help!

If you appreciate what we do at Skate[Slate], even just enjoying the instragram or Facebook, I want to clearly ask for your support. Please consider buying a print or digital subscription to Skate[Slate] Magazine. Print subscriptions are as low as $5.99 per issue and the digital version on your mobile device is even cheaper at $9.99 per year (less than $1.99 per issue!), just go to iTunes, Google Play or the Amazon Appstore to peep the latest issue now!

For the Month of January, we will be offering one full year of Skate[Slate] Print Magazine, including access to the mobile editions, along with a Free copy of the 2016 photo annual. Thats 6 issues of print, plus the mobile, plus the free Photo Annual, a $52 value for $39.98. (**That’s the same as $0.11 per day)

The fact that you are reading this and have come this far in my note means a lot. Thank you for hearing me out, and checking out Skate[Slate]. Your stoke is why we do what we do.

Happy Holidays and New Year. I wish you all the best of times skateboarding!


Les Robertson

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