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5 ways to Enjoy DH Skateboarding

ダウンヒル・スケートボード装備について Secret Rules to Downhill Skateboarding


滑る前に必ずチェックです! – ED (more…)

Skate[Slate] Japan 2014 Top 10


Helmet Truth Part 2 : Lids and Hills

“Your helmet initiative is really inspiring Mike!”

Nagi Makabe Photo






【コラム】パパペイプの〜ランドサーフィンライフ〜 Stokohama Night Skating


When teaching people about Longskateboarding they often ask me, “Where do you skate?” Recently I’ve been answering, “in Yokohama!”


Skate[Slate] Japan One Year Later: The English Report

The last time I wrote an all English report on SkateSlateJapan was when we had an important message to get out.   It was my last attempt at being a devoted helmet cop before I gave the job up.  Having spent many years touting the importance of helmets I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it one last go.  It ended up being one our most popular articles.  I’m not stoked because I wrote it, I’m excited to see what the next gen riders are going to do with the knowledge they’ve learned.  The Article is mentioned as you read on.  Hills increase Impact. That’s all. (more…)