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Helmet Truth

Helmet Truth Part 2 : Lids and Hills

“Your helmet initiative is really inspiring Mike!”

Nagi Makabe Photo






ヘルメットの真実 Helmet Truth

Helmet Truth Part 1 SkateSlate Japan-3

July 1st, 2016


徹底比較! TSG Meta vs Triple Eight Gotham

これまでSkateSlate Japanではヘルメットの重要性について、何度か取り上げてきました。しかし「ヘルメットを被る、被らないはあなたの自由です」-これがヘルメットの真実です。私が被るという選択をするなら、高品質のものを着用します。そうするには次の理由があります。

  • 良いメーカーは選べるカラーバリエーションが豊富

  • 頭を強く叩きつけない限り、ヘルメットは長年使用できる

  • 頭を打った時に、ヘルメットは大切な頭を守る

ヘルメット愛好者として、2つの良いヘルメットを比較してみました(CLICK HERE)。今回は「TSG社のジャパンフィットMeta」と「トリプル8社のSwitzer/Prader Signature Gotham」を評価しました。両方とも素晴らしいヘルメットです。両方のヘルメットは安全基準をクリアしていて、激しい衝突をした場合でも脳への損傷リスクを軽減してくれるでしょう。同様にMetaGothamとも自転車やキックスクーター、ストライダー、そしてもちろんスケートボードにもピッタリです。

SkateSlate Japan has featured the importance of helmets in longboarding (CLICK HERE), but The Helmet Truth is this, it’s your choice to wear helmets or not.  When I do, I always take the premium quality selections.  Here’s some of the reasons why:

  • Quality manufacturers typically have a wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Helmets usually last years as long as you don’t smack your head.
  • If you hit your head, the helmet has done it’s trick .

Since I’ve always been a helmet lover, this time around I wanted to compare two very good helmets.  This time I reviewed the 「Japan Fit Meta TSG」 and the 「Switzer/Prader Signature Gotham」 from Triple Eight.  Both of which I can confidently say are great helmets.  Both helmet’s are certified which means  there’s a very good chance that your brain is protected should you have a nasty crash.  As well, both the  Meta and the Gotham are great helmets for biking, riding scooter,  striders, and of course skating.   (more…)

Skate[Slate] Japan One Year Later: The English Report

The last time I wrote an all English report on SkateSlateJapan was when we had an important message to get out.   It was my last attempt at being a devoted helmet cop before I gave the job up.  Having spent many years touting the importance of helmets I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it one last go.  It ended up being one our most popular articles.  I’m not stoked because I wrote it, I’m excited to see what the next gen riders are going to do with the knowledge they’ve learned.  The Article is mentioned as you read on.  Hills increase Impact. That’s all. (more…)

Skate[Slate] Japan 2014 Top 10


【コラム】パパペイプの〜ランドサーフィンライフ〜City Cruisin’ Japan

Photos by Ben Gibson & Dan Pape


Ok everyone I apologize.  I screwed up, big time.  I should have told you all sooner how great city cruisin is.  It’s really fun and we’ve never covered it on SkateSlateJapan.

Before reading on, I’d like you to know that this article was inspired by a good friend that I recently lost.  I miss you a lot buddy so here we go! It was you that said we could do anything!

Translation by Kei Onodera 【コラム】パパペイプの〜ランドサーフィンライフ〜City Cruisin’ Japan