Skate[Slate](スケートスレート) は仲間との楽しいライディングの様子や、スタイルを追求したフリーライディング等をお伝えするために、ここ日本に上陸しました。これまで以上にワクワクした情報をお届けしたいと思います。私たちの目的としている事は、これから爆発的に流行しつつあるこのスポーツの成長を誰よりも早く、そして正確に記録し続ける事です。

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昨年度は43万人のウェブサイトビジター、Facebookでは一日平均、145人の新しいファンが増え続け、毎週1万を超える「いいね!」を獲得し、毎年7万部を超える雑誌の発行を,、過去5年間でSkate[Slate]は達成しています。「Long Boarding Magazine(ロングボーディングマガジン)」は、今年で3周年を迎え、ニューススタンドだけでなく電子版(iPad/iPhone等、対応)も同時にリリースします。




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Skate[Slate] Japan is here to cover the good stuff. From the fun riding days with friends to freeriding done with style, we’re right here, in Japan and we’re more excited than ever. Long-skateboarding is here to stay, and we’re on a mission to document it better than anyone else as it continues to grow exponentially.

Skate[Slate] Longboarding Magazine rounds up the industry’s best photographers and storytellers to create a magazine that will get you stoked every time you open it, while keeps you up to date with the scene that is developing in Japan.  From product updates, new great videos, and everything else that matters, we strive to be your daily source for everything Long-Skate related, just like our site in North America.

Join longboarding’s elite manufacturers and partner with us. By advertising with Skate[Slate] you’ll be able to communicate and present your brand and products in a way that resonates with today’s Japanese riders.

In only 5 years, Skate[Slate] now reaches over 430,000 unique visitors on its website last year, we have a daily reach of 145 fans on Facebook with 10,000 new Likes each week, and we print over 70,000 copies of Skate[Slate] Longboarding Magazine yearly. Longboarding Magazine, now in its fifth year, is expanding its distribution to newsstand and digital, such as iPad/iPhone, and other mobile devices.

In terms of Skate[Slate] Japan, we hope to grow the same way with great partners along the way.

For more information on advertising & partnering with us, or for inquiries regarding Gear Reviews of your latest product, please with email Skate[Slate]Japan at Daniel AT skateslate DOT com


Get stoked!  Get involved. Skateboarding is about to go Long In Japan for a Long time!

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Justus Zimmerly

Justus Zimmerly

Born in Chicago and raised on the flat Canadian prairies, it wasn’t until moving to Ontario for school in 2005 that Justus got a taste for riding skateboards down hills. Since then it’s been a bit of an obsession. He graduated with a degree in Film Studies, but spent as much time focussed on skateboarding as he did on studying. Now he’s living the good life in Oakland, California, riding his motorcycle and working as Editor-in-chief for Skate[Slate].

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